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REPORT: Week 4

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Like I said in my post earlier, this week was more challenging. The beginning was pretty simple, making a new subdomain:, and making an index.html document. The rest threw me for a loop. Learning how to use HTML, to obtain the exa…

Digital Methodology: Week 4

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For this week’s assignment I decided to use Voyant Tools , to do a text analysis of America’s top three music genres. I was trying to decipher the reason why different types of music are popular. I plugged in each of the top songs lyrics into Voyant,…

Report: Week 3

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This week was super busy…but kind of not at all? I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I found that the work seemed easy, but it took me a while to complete to my liking. I continue to enjoy the ease of the lectures on Twitch, but I was absolutel…

Object Lesson: Week 3

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The assignment this week was super interesting. I never would have thought I could learn so much about something by just taking it apart and seeing what was inside. Before starting the assignment, and getting into the weeds, I realized I couldn’t reme…

Report: Week 2

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This week has been another interesting adventure in digital studies! On a side note, this is probably one of the most applicable classes I have taken at UMW. My group decided to work on the question: does 5G (wireless internet) cause COVID-19. I found…

Does 5G cause covid-19?: Week 2

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The question above, is what my group decided to investigate as a part of our web literacy assignment! I think the question we posed had an obvious answer, but to my surprise, the debate is still raging across the internet. My portion of the project wa…

Digital Culture: Week 2

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For week 2, my group decided to look at the Wikipedia module for the digital culture assignment. I believe that it is extremely important to understand Wikipedia because of its prevalent use in American and global society. Hundreds of millions of peop…

Report: Week 1

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This week, I have accomplished new and familiar things. I was able to create a website (this one in fact), and I am proud of how it came out. The work I was familiar with: creating a website, I made a new subdomain (digitalstudies) and downloaded and…