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Digital Culture – FINAL: Week 2

Digital Culture – FINAL: Week 2

Like I mentioned in the last blog post: my group has decided to work on the Wikipedia module for the digital culture assignment. I have researched the Wikipedia model, and I learned a lot about the information medium, one thing I found super interesting is that Wikipedia doesn’t run ads. I have used Wikipedia multiple times, but you don’t ever really pay attention to a lack of ads. I encourage everyone to donate, even just a dollar, to keep the website ad-free forever!

I also took the time to look at the rules for editing wikipedia articles. The webpage for the manual of style (linked here), is the longest wikipedia page I have ever looked at, it took me over an hour of reading before I could not continue, but I can see that there was an immense amount of thought put into the guidelines. It is crazy to think about all the work that is put into each article that I have taken for granted for so many years.

I then looked at the Theodore Roosevelt Wikipedia page, since I have studied him in detail for the past two years. I found that a lot of the information was really well put. I added a couple of internal links in the page, but I didn’t want to try to add anything just for the sake of doing it. I found it really interesting, and a sense of pride, for making even the small change.

Wikipedia vandalism is the theme song of every professor and teacher I have ever taken a class with. If you want more information, I would highly suggest reading the crash course in wiki vandalism.

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