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Object Lesson: Week 3

Object Lesson: Week 3

The assignment this week was super interesting. I never would have thought I could learn so much about something by just taking it apart and seeing what was inside. Before starting the assignment, and getting into the weeds, I realized I couldn’t remember what the name of my old phone was. So I already felt stuck, but taking it apart and googling features and serial numbers helped me find what I was looking for! I was genuinely surprised that I found all the information I did, all it took was a little looking around on google and on the manufacturers website.

I found this assignment challenging, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I also love using Timeline JS, and have used it in almost every website I have ever created. The hardest part was actually taking apart the phone itself, I didn’t have a tool to get the the compartment under the battery so I used a knife (SUPER UNSAFE) to pry it off. A little more patience probably would have paid off in this scenario, but I got the job done.


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