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Report: Week 1

Report: Week 1

This week, I have accomplished new and familiar things. I was able to create a website (this one in fact), and I am proud of how it came out. The work I was familiar with: creating a website, I made a new subdomain (digitalstudies) and downloaded and installed a new instance of WordPress. I probably spent about two-three hours to make it exactly how I want it, but knowing me, the website you are looking at now is not going to be the final product! I was also able to do something new, I created three GIFs, and I had a lot of fun doing them, even if it took maybe fifty attempts to get three that I was content with. I also found the Twitch lectures/classes to be super helpful! In all my other online classes I have taken, I never saw the professor aside from a small profile picture. I think this will really help build community among everyone in the class. All things considered, with my late assignments in play, I believe that I deserve a an average grade (C). I believe this grade fits me because I worked hard on my assignments, but I missed the mark in terms of being punctual with my due dates.

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