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Report: Week 2

Report: Week 2

This week has been another interesting adventure in digital studies! On a side note, this is probably one of the most applicable classes I have taken at UMW. My group decided to work on the question: does 5G (wireless internet) cause COVID-19. I found thought that the answer to the question was super obvious, but there is a wide debate about the validity of the claim. My part of the project was the origins, you can see a little more detail on my other blog post. I found the process of tracing a “rumor” or claim back to it’s original source interesting and challenging, and I would not be opposed to another similar project in the future.

Our group also decided to do the Wikipedia module. I found it super intimidating at first, the thought of editing a page the thousands, if not millions, of people see daily. When I got into the weeds of the module, I found it much more doable.

The sponsored content activity was eye-opening. The preconceived notion that certain websites have more sponsored content than others was something I had to overcome for during the Slack activity. It was interesting to actually “investigate” and find out the answer for myself, instead of just relying on what I thought I already knew. Along with that, investigating the websites in slack was also a fun challenge, I agree with what my group member found.

Overall, I think that I deserve a grade in the B, close to B+ range. I did all of my work, and I believe that I did it at above the average level.

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