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Report: Week 3

Report: Week 3

This week was super busy…but kind of not at all? I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I found that the work seemed easy, but it took me a while to complete to my liking. I continue to enjoy the ease of the lectures on Twitch, but I was absolutely consumed with working (from home) and I kept loosing track of time, forcing me to watch them afterwards. To that end, I found Wednesdays lecture really interesting, it challenged me to take a look at other aspects of recycling in my area. It actually convinced me to take my phone to a recycling center near my house, instead of just throwing it in the trash (which is exactly where it would have gone).

The Object Lesson was fun to complete. Investigating the origins of something is my kind of exercise, and I enjoy doing it as a part of my normal life/studies. If you are interesting in hearing my in-depth thoughts, click here to view my blog post.

I also worked, and will continue to periodically edit the article for week 2. I haven’t done any major edits like we talked about in lecture yesterday, but I will continue to make progress throughout the weekend and into next week.

Overall, I believe that I deserve a “B” grade, I did the work for the week, but it wasn’t anything spectacular because of the other work I was forced to attend to during the week.

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