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REPORT: Week 4

REPORT: Week 4

Like I said in my post earlier, this week was more challenging. The beginning was pretty simple, making a new subdomain:, and making an index.html document. The rest threw me for a loop.

Learning how to use HTML, to obtain the exact design that I was looking for was challenging. It probably took me like an hour to get the margins tag working and to the point where I liked it. I tried using code academy, but the website kept lagging for me (might have been my network? Im not sure). In the end, I was able to gather enough information from the lectures on twitch, countless online forums, and professor Whalen. I am extremely proud of my finished product. I think that I meet and hopefully exceeded the minimum requirements for the project.

Overall, I think my project deserves a “B+” or somewhere in that range. Again, I feel like my work was good, but not worthy of a full “A”. I fell behind on the lectures in the beginning of the week. I think that if I did more work on the front-end, the outcome might be a little better.

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